We are proud to announce that we have taken a concrete step to increase our capacity to handle a high number of claims, in the event of a major ship-source oil spill in Canadian waters. This crucial step was formalized by signing an agreement with the International Group of P&I Clubs (IGP&I). This agreement will improve our cooperation and collaboration with the IGP&I, to assist Canadian claimants in times when they need it most.

Signature of the agreement by Tony Paulson from the IGP&I and Anne Legars, Administrator of the Fund

Signature of the agreement by Tony Paulson from the IGP&I and Anne Legars, Administrator of the Fund

But first, we would like to provide some background.

In Canada, the polluter pays. The shipowners and their insurers are responsible for the damages resulting from a spill. The IGP&I provides insurance coverage to around 90% of the international world fleet.

While the ships covered by the IGP&I are generally safe, a major spill could have devastating impacts on Canadians and our coasts.

Here are four highlights of this key agreement:

  1. A more fluid and efficient compensation process for claimants. Our organizations will join efforts to provide a clear and efficient compensation process to support claimants in their need to access compensation. If necessary, a joint claim office will be set up.
  2. Better communications with the public. Immediately after a major ship-source oil spill incident, the Fund and the IGP&I will issue a joint notice. It will provide a single point of contact to claimants. This will avoid confusion and give reassurance that our organizations will work together to provide compensation. Together, we will then follow up with precise information on the steps to follow to submit a claim.
  3. Making it easier to submit a claim. Only one claim package can be submitted to both organizations. This means less paperwork and a smoother process for claimants. This will also stop the clock on the submission deadline for both organizations. If some damages can be compensated only by the Fund, the claim will be redirected seamlessly to us.
  4. Clearer picture of what is going on soon after a major incident. The Fund and the IGP&I will share some resources and expertise to collect information and real time analysis. It will allow us to know more rapidly what is happening on the ground and the type of claims to expect. This practice will allow resources to be used more efficiently and avoid duplication of effort.