Marine Expert Consultants

The Administrator of the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund has identified an ongoing requirement to establish and maintain a list of Marine Expert Consultants for work in the Ottawa Office.

Key Responsibilities that may be assigned by the Administrator
  1. Provide expert marine advice to the Administrator.
  2. Participate in working group meetings, outreach meetings or conferences on behalf of the Administrator; provide Fund positions and detailed presentations when required.
  3. Provide advice and guidance to Regional Marine Experts acting on behalf of the Fund.
  4. Provide oversight for claim assessments prepared and submitted by the Regional Marine Experts to the Fund.
  5. Initiate asset and location searches for individuals subject to recourse actions by the Fund.
  6. Contribute to claims review meetings with the Administrator including to the Fund incident data base.
  7. Participate at quarterly meetings with the Coast Guard to review claims status and national work issues.
  8. Provide detailed incident text for the Administrator.
  9. Contribute to project work as assigned by the Administrator.
Effective Behaviours sought from Marine Expert Consultants
  1. Informs analysis with a thorough understanding of the environment and demonstrates strong writing skills.
  2. Communicates with clarity and conviction.
  3. Promotes a bilingual, inclusive healthy organization.
  4. Implements strategies that respond to Fund priorities and improves outcomes for Canadians.
  5. Values and provides authentic, evidence-based advice.
  6. Exemplifies impartial and non-partisan decision-making.
  7. Develops effective collaborative networks and relationships with communities of interest, colleagues and stakeholders.
  8. Informs decision-making with sound understanding of context, data and evidence.

Minimum standard is a secondary school diploma plus occupational certification. Individuals should have a significant nautical background and experience normally found among senior marine deck and engineering officers or qualification as a Marine Surveyor or qualification as a Naval Architect or qualification as an Environmental Response Technician. Others may have significant experience working in the field of marine oil spill response programs.

Location: Ottawa

Send your letter of interest and resume to the Attention of: Administrator, Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund, Suite 830, 180 Kent St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0N5 or at