National Pool of Consultants (Legal/Policy/Insurance/Program Management/Public Administration)

The Administrator of the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund (the Fund) has identified an ongoing requirement to establish and maintain a national list of Consultants who from time to time could be contracted by the Fund to work on ad hoc projects and/or to complement in-house resources.

Mandate of the Fund
The Fund investigates and assesses claims received from claimants with regard to damages and losses that result from a ship-source oil spill or costs reasonably incurred to prevent such damages, and offers compensation to claimants for whatever portion of the claim the Administrator finds to be established. Upon payment, the Fund is subrogated in the rights of the claimant and takes all reasonable efforts for cost recovery from the polluter, in accordance with the polluter pays principle.

Mission of the Fund
The Fund was established to serve claimants. It is available to pay for claims for oil pollution damages or anticipated damages caused by the discharge of oil from all classes of ships in Canadian waters, including the exclusive economic zone of Canada.

Types of Assignments

  • Legal, historic, comparative or statistical research;
  • Development or review of documents developed to support claimants in the documentation and filing of claims;
  • Support to the development and launch of new programs or consultations for various segments of stakeholders.

These mandates would not require the physical presence of the consultant in the Ottawa office.

Depending on the type of expertise required by the Fund for a specific assignment, consultants should have a legal, policy, insurance, program management or public administration background or a combination of these, with at least a graduate level (university or college degree) and relevant experience (preferably maritime) in the subject matter.

The National Pool of Consultants
Consultants will be entered in the pool and classified by type and level of expertise. When the need arises for a certain type and level of expertise for a given project, the Administrator’s Office will determine which consultants in the pool qualify for the project and will send a Request for Proposal to the most relevant ones (please note that Requests for Proposals could still be sent to potential resources that are not part of the pool).

Each year, the Consultants listed in the pool will be contacted to update their profile. Consultants who want to be removed from the pool can do so at any time.

Each assignment to a consultant will be set out in a separate contract. Depending on the assignment, language, security clearance, or potential conflicts of interest may be essential conditions of the contract.

How to join the Pool
Professionals interested in joining the pool should register through the following form and attach their CV and any other relevant document. They will receive thereafter an acknowledgement that they have been added to the pool.

SOPF National Pool of Consultants

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