National Pool of Local Expert Consultants

The Administrator of the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund has identified an ongoing requirement to establish and maintain a national list of Local Expert Consultants who from time to time would be contracted by the Fund.

Mandate of the Fund
The Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund investigates and assesses claims received from claimants with regards to damages and losses that result from a ship-source oil spill or costs reasonably incurred to prevent such damages and offers compensation to claimants for whatever portion of the claim the Administrator finds to be established. Upon payment, the Fund is subrogated in the rights of the claimant and takes all reasonable efforts for cost recovery from the polluter, in accordance with the polluter pays principle.

Mission of the Fund
The Fund was established to serve claimants. It is available to pay for claims for oil pollution damage or anticipated damage caused by the discharge of oil from all classes of ships on inland or coastal waters, including the exclusive economic zone of Canada.

Type of Work
Depending on each specific mandate that the Administrator may assign to the Local Expert Consultant, the Consultant may:

  • Act as the Fund Marine Surveyor regarding individual incidents and complete vessel, hull, machinery, equipment and environmental risk surveys as specifically instructed by the Administrator; or
  • During the period immediately after the incident, the surveyor may collect evidence, information and facts at the incident location including vessel surveys to advise the Administrator on the extent of the ship-source oil pollution damages/risks and the related Fund’s exposure and/or to support the obtaining of an executed Letter of Undertaking of the amount needed to cover such exposure; or
  • Provide the Administrator with advice and recommendations on an incident in progress; or
  • Assess, investigate and evaluate claims submitted to the Fund and prepare a report with recommendations for consideration by the Administrator.

All information relating to the claim and surveys is considered confidential information that may be privileged. This consultancy work varies from case to case and is dependent on the number of claims filed with the Fund, the location of the incidents, the scope of each incident and the respective availability and conflicts of interests of other potential consultants.

Depending on the type of expertise required by the Fund for a specific assignment, individuals should meet the criteria outlined in the table below:

Type of assignment Sample Tasks required by the Administrator Type of expertise and qualifications
Initial Incident Assessment Provides initial incident assessment and/or help determine quantum of Letter of Undertaking (LOU).
Provides completed incident assessment/investigation report to the Administrator
Marine Certification;  or Marine Program Management
Assessment of options such as towing a drifting disabled or refloating a grounded vessel Provides completed  assessment /investigation to the Administrator.
Provides a specific survey report with recommendation to the Administrator.
Interacts with CCG/claimant at the local level
Professional  (Deck) Marine Certification and significant experience in senior deck officer positions onboard vessels
Assessment of option such as pumping out oil or oily mixtures from a grounded vessel, Provides survey report with recommendations to the Administrator in response to a specific survey request.
Interacts with CCG/claimant at the local level
Marine Engineer (professional certification and significant sea-going experience in senior positions  onboard vessels)
Naval Architect (professional certification and experience)
Assessing stability conditions and/or whether the extent of structural damage permits safe removal of the vessel Provides survey report with recommendations to the Administrator in response to a specific survey request.
Interacts with CCG/claimant at the local level
Naval Architect (professional certification and experience)
Assessing claims for marine oil spill response operations costs Provides completed claim assessment/investigation report to the Administrator.
Interacts with CCG/claimant at the local level
Professional certification and experience  in oil recovery operations
Claims assessment for oil damages to equipment  (e.g. fishing nets, hulls of other vessels, etc) and property: costs of clean-up, repair or replacement Provides completed claim assessment/investigation report to the Administrator. Claims adjustment  (significant experience in the local marine and/or pleasure craft sector, claims adjustment and awareness related to the cost of marine equipment and supplies)

Familiarity with the Canada Shipping Act and the Marine Liability Act as it pertains to ship source oil pollution would be an asset.

Candidates must have strong interpersonal skills and excellent analytical as well as verbal and written communications skills.

The Fund will provide training, guidance and reference material to assist selected applicants with the performance of their mandate.

Location: Individuals should live in or as near as possible to or be prepared to travel to one of the areas listed in the table below.

British Columbia

  • Vancouver Island
  • North Coast
  • South Coast

  • St. Lawrence Seaway
  • Upper Great Lakes

  • North Coast
  • Québec
  • Montréal
New Brunswick

  • Saint John
  • Bathurst
Nova Scotia

  • Cape Breton
  • Halifax
  • Yarmouth
Prince Edward Island

  • Anywhere in the province

  • St-John’s
  • Stephenville
  • Saint-Anthony
Central & Inland Areas

  • Lake Winnipeg area
  • Churchill
  • Hay River

  • Inuvik
  • Tuktoyaktuk
  • Iqaluit
  • Rankin Inlet

Send your letter of interest and resume to the attention of:
Administrator, Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund,
Suite 830, 180 Kent St.,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0N5
or at