Arca 1 (2017)

LOCATION: Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

Case Number 120-702

On January 8, 2017, the Coast Guard was notified that the MT Arca 1 had lost both engines and was aground off Sydney, Nova Scotia. The 53 metre tanker was in ballast with 15 tonnes of propulsion fuel onboard. An Incident Command Post was established at the Coast Guard College, Coast Guard response resources were tasked and the owners contracted McKeil Marine Ltd to attempt to free the vessel. The vessel owner activated their arrangement with the Response Organization. The vessel was successfully refloated and berthed in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The Administrator engaged Counsel to obtain security from the vessel owners. Counsel confirmed on February 28, that the vessel had been arrested. An executed bail bond in the amount of $385,000.00 was filed with the Federal Court and the vessel was released. The file remains open.