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Annual Report

The 2017-2018 Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund Annual Report is now available on our website (www.sopf.gc.ca, under “Publications”). Should you have any suggestions for next year’s report, please forward them to info@sopf.gc.ca.

Please note that the summaries for all incident cases listed in the appendix of the annual report, (page 36) can be found on the SOPF website (www.sopf.gc.ca, under “Incidents and Claims Portfolio”).

SOPF Claims Manual

The last version of the SOPF Claims Manual was issued in 2014. It focuses on claims for clean-up costs and preventative measures.

In the recent past, the Fund has received a number of claims and queries, which were not covered by the claims manual. We are therefore planning to issue a new version of the claims manual, along the following lines:

  • The claims manual would be structured as forms, one for each type of claim or damage.
  • The use of these forms would not be mandatory, but they could be used as a checklist of the key elements that will be needed for the assessment of claims by the Administrator’s Office.
  • The forms would be accompanied by some guidance text. The International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds Example Claim Form could be used as an inspiration: https://www.iopcfunds.org/uploads/tx_iopcpublications/IOPC_Claims_Form__ENGLISH_2018_WEB_01.pdf

If you have any comments on the above or recommendations with reference to the new claims manual, please forward them to info@sopf.gc.ca by close of business November 5, 2018.

If you wish to receive a draft copy of the new version when it is ready to be circulated to stakeholders for comments, please contact info@sopf.gc.ca

Please note that, as a side project, the Administrator’s Office is also compiling and updating its claims management policies and assessment practices with the view to posting them on SOPF’s website.

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Small Claims Form

Claimants who have incurred damages of less than $15,000 in cleanup or pollution prevention costs can use the attached form to file their claim (the use of this form is not mandatory). The important point is to submit the available supporting documentation.