Nordika Desgagnés (2018)

LOCATION: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Case number: 120-746-R

The Incident
On March 13, 2018, the Canadian-registered bulk carrier Nordika Desgagnés began to drift in severe weather when she experienced a steering gear failure east of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She had been en route from Montreal to Sydney, Australia. The crippled vessel’s owner submitted a response plan, which the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) deemed reasonable and appropriate. The owner then made arrangements for a tug to tow the vessel to port. In addition, the CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell was dispatched to the scene to monitor the situation and assist if necessary.

First, the tug Atlantic Larch attempted to tow the stricken vessel, but the tow line failed, and the tug was forced to return to port. Later, the supply vessel Atlantic Tern was successful in taking the Nordika Desgagnés under tow on March 16, and the two vessels reached Port Hawkesbury in the early hours of March 17. Before the vessels reached port, the CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell was relieved by the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent.

The Nordika Desgagnés reportedly received damage to her hull, caused by a loose crane. There is no indication that any pollution resulted from the incident.

Measures taken by the Administrator
On learning of the incident prior to its resolution, the Administrator instructed in-house counsel to follow up with the CCG. This was done on March 16.

The Claim
The CCG has communicated that it may submit a claim, but none has been filed with the Administrator as yet.

The file remains open.