Simushir (2014)

LOCATION: Island Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

Case number: 120-580-C1

The Incident
On October 16, 2014, the CCG received a report that the Russian Federation general cargo ship Simushir was adrift 19 nautical miles west of the island Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. The ship had a main engine failure and was experiencing 7-metre seas with winds in excess of 90 kilometres per hour. On board, there were 472 metric tonnes of bunker fuel oil and 59 tonnes of diesel fuel. All the fuel oils were in immediate danger of being released should the vessel drift aground on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).

Measures taken by the Administrator
The Administrator retained Counsel to obtain a security from the ship insurer and received a Letter of Undertaking covering potential claims.

The Claim
No claim has been filed with the Administrator. Insurers have paid directly all claims caused by the incident.

The file remains open until the prescription period has expired.