Kavo Manali (2017)

LOCATION: Quebec City Harbour, Quebec

Case number: 120-734-R

The Incident
On December 3, 2017, the Marshall Islands registered vessel Kavo Manali (40 014 GT) released approximately 1000 litres of lubricating oil into the Quebec City Harbour. The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) mobilized a team and set up a mobile command post on site. The ship’s crew and managers undertook response operations from December 4, 2017. Sections 27 to 31 of the Port of Quebec were soiled, and several ships were unable to leave port, as they were too soiled by the pollutant. A large quantity of the oil was recovered during the evening and overnight on December 4 and the departure restriction was lifted on most ships.

Measures taken by the Administrator
On December 8, 2017, a Letter of Undertaking was received from the vessel owner’s solicitors.

The Claim
As of March 31, 2018, no claim has been filed with the Administrator.

The file remains open.