Pitts Carillon (2017)

LOCATION: Picton Terminal, Picton Bay, Ontario

Case number: 120-740-R

The Incident
On March 24, 2017, the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) received a report of an empty barge, the Pitts Carillon (260 GT), taking on water at the Picton Terminal, Picton Bay, Ontario. CCG personnel were dispatched to the scene to make an initial assessment of the area. They remained on site to continue monitoring for any pollution damage.

The partially submerged barge was boomed off with pollution control equipment. Contracted divers reported that no pollution was coming from the barge although a slight sheen was present on the water and ice. This was attributed to residual oil from the barge, which was less than 30 litres, and was deemed non-recoverable.

On March 28, 2017, the CCG deployed additional staff and equipment to the site in advance of the recovery lift. That same day, a water emergency was declared as contaminants were approaching the water intake zone for Picton and Bloomfield water plants. Water processing was stopped at the Picton plant and processing was intermittent for the following few days. Bottled water was hauled in and a boil water advisory issued. The water emergency was rescinded on April 11.

On April 1, 2017, the barge was successfully refloated and all fuel (reportedly 1,200 litres) and hydraulic oil (100 litres) removed. After inspection by Transport Canada, the Pitts Carillon was towed out of Picton Bay on April 3, 2017, bound for Toronto.

The Claim
As of March 31, 2018, two claims were expected (one from the County and one from CCG) but no claim had yet been filed with the Administrator.

The file remains open. This file will be continued in 2018-2019 as (a) claim file(s), under file number 120-740-C1.

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