Sten Fjord (2016)

LOCATION: Rankin Inlet, Hudson Bay

Case number: 120-694-R

The Incident
In the evening of July 13, 2016, while the tanker M/V Sten Fjord was unloading gasoline in the northern community fuel tanks at Rankin Inlet, a small boat ran into its fuel hose, rupturing the line and causing a spill. About 500 litres of fuel were estimated to have leaked into Hudson Bay. The polluter took care of the response operations. As soon as the fuel line ruptured, the ship’s crew managed to shut off the flow and deployed booms and absorbent pads to the area. The next morning, the hose line was repaired and refueling recommenced.

The Claim
No claim has been filed with the Administrator. Furthermore, the Canadian Coast Guard advised that they would not be seeking any cost recovery with the Fund.

The file remains open.