South Wind (2015)

LOCATION: Porpoise Bay, Sechelt, British Columbia

Case number: 120-714-C1

The Incident
On August 31, 2015 the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) received a report that the South Wind, a wooden-hull fishing vessel of approximately 36 feet in length, was mostly submerged near the marina at Sechelt Inlet, British Columbia. Oil was leaking from the vessel. CCG Environmental Response personnel were deployed on site with response equipment and a pollution response vessel. Oil sorbent boom was utilized around the oil sheen.

CCG contacted the vessel owner on September 2, but the latter’s attempt to salvage the vessel was unsuccessful. Therefore, a local contractor was hired by CCG to raise the vessel. On September 12, the South Wind was refloated and removed from the marine environment.

The Claim
On March 30, 2017, the Administrator received a claim from CCG, on behalf of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO/CCG), for costs and expenses incurred in the amount of $14,300.21, pursuant to the Marine Liability Act.

The Administrator determined that the claim was admissible under Part 7 of the Act.

Assessment and Offer
After investigation and assessment of the claim, the Administrator made an offer for the established amount of $14,300.21 plus interest, as full and final settlement, to DFO/CCG on May 4, 2017. The offer was accepted on May 15, 2017 and a payment in the amount of $15,028.16 including interest was made to DFO/CCG on or about June 8, 2017.

Recovery Action
The counsel for the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund has tried to reach the vessel owner in an effort to recover the amount paid, but all efforts have been unsuccessful.

All reasonable measures to recover the amount from the owner having been taken, the Administrator concluded that recovery of funds is not likely. Hence, the file was closed on August 30, 2017.