Sarah Desgagnés (2015)

LOCATION: Salluit, Quebec

Case number: 120-683-R

The Incident
On October 13, 2015, the Administrator received a report from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada to the effect that about 2,500 litres of diesel fuel were spilled into the waters off Salluit, QC by the tanker Sarah Desgagnés. The incident occurred during the annual fuel delivery to the community of Salluit on October 7, 2015.  Strong winds and snow forced the crew to stop the fuel transfer. However, during the disconnect process, the fuel line was severed by the vessel’s propeller. The CCGS Terry Fox was on-site for the response operation.

The Claim
No claim has been received by the Administrator.

The 2-year time bar having elapsed, the file was closed on October 17, 2017. However, it is to note that it could he reopened if a claimant takes action directly against the shipowner within the 3-year limitation period, in which case the Administrator becomes party by statute.