Baby Leeyn (2017)

LOCATION: Cape St. Mary’s, Newfoundland

Case number: 120-733-R

The Incident
On November 26, 2017, after three years of being stranded in Newfoundland, the Baby Leeyn was heading to Romania. Twelve kilometres from land, near Cape St. Mary’s, the vessel, which was carrying 250 tonnes of heavy propulsion fuel and 35 tonnes of marine diesel, experienced engine troubles and was set adrift. A tug boat was able to attach a line to the drifting vessel as it was within a nautical mile of the rocks at Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve.

The Claim
No claim was filed with the Administrator.

No potential claimant is in sight since the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), which rescued the vessel, got paid from the shipowner for the amount it asked for. CCG also confirmed that it would not file any claim for any further amounts.

The file remains open.