Outreach Initiatives

The Administrator’s outreach initiatives are aimed at raising awareness of the existence of the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund (SOPF) and its availability to provide compensation for oil pollution caused by ships. The outreach affords an opportunity for the Administrator to further his personal understanding of the perspectives of individual claimants, shipowners and other stakeholders who respond to an oil spill incident and, as a result, may file a claim for compensation.

The Administrator also attends meetings of the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC Funds) on average twice every year where he maintains contact and dialogue with delegates representing international organizations and government agencies of IOPC Funds member states.

Attendance at these meetings also provides opportunities to review IOPC Funds claims policies to ensure that SOPF claims policy is aligned as closely as possible with IOPC Funds policy.

To obtain a detailed account of the meetings of the IOPC governing bodies, please visit the IOPC website at www.iopcfund.org