Elva M II (2016) (CCG)

LOCATION: Steveston, British Columbia

Case number: 120-704-C1-1

Overnight on November 4/5, 2016, the fishing vessel Elva M II, a wooden vessel built in 1927 sunk at the government dock in Steveston, British Columbia. The Coast Guard attended the scene along with the local Harbour Authority. The owner advised the Coast Guard that he was not in a financial position to engage contractors and was stepping away from the response. The Coast Guard assumed the role of On-scene Commander. The owner was advised that he would be liable for the costs and expenses incurred. The Harbour Authority and Coast Guard deployed booms and equipment to effectively deal with the pollution coming from the vessel. Local contractors were then engaged to raise the sunken vessel. Diving services were also engaged and finally, once raised the vessel was taken to a local boat repair facility for haul out and deconstruction.

The recovery operation took place during the late afternoon and early evening and at 21:25 hours the vessel was removed from the water.

In keeping with the “Polluter-pays” principle, the Coast Guard requested payment for the costs and expenses incurred from the vessel owner who declined payment stating that he was not personally responsible for any costs incurred in raising the vessel.

The Coast Guard then filed a claim in the amount of $46,351.57 with the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund on February 28, 2017. The claim was assessed and investigated and on March 30, 2017, the Administrator advised that Coast Guard that the claim had been assessed for the established amount of $46,351.57. The Administrator offered Coast Guard $46,351.57 plus interest as full and final settlement of the claim. The file remains open.