Navicula (2015)

LOCATION: Welland Canal in Port Weller, Ontario

Case number: 120-668

On February 3, 2015, the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) informed the Administrator that a former Canada Fisheries Research Vessel, Navicula, sank at a Welland Canal marina in Port Weller, Ontario. The manager of the marina reported to Coast Guard that the old 65-foot vessel was half encased in ice. All that was visible was part of the hull and a rusty foremast. There was a small amount of oil released, resulting in a minimal sheen but it was contained by the use of absorbent pads. Furthermore, Coast Guard was advised by the Seaway Authority that a salvage plan was under review.

As of the end of the fiscal year, no claim has been filed with the Fund. In the meantime, the file remains open.