Louis Jolliet (2015)

LOCATION: St. Lawrence River at Quebec City

Case number: 120-684

In early November 2015, the cruise vessel Louis Jolliet was reported to be leaking diesel into the St. Lawrence River at Quebec City. On November 8, the amount of diesel pollution was reported by the media to be 7,500 litres, however, the company later confirmed that the amount was significantly less.

A Letter of Undertaking was not sought by the Administrator because the spill was limited and quickly addressed and further, the owner was known to operate a well established company in Quebec.

The Fund did engage counsel to liaise with the owner, Croisières AML, and to seek the owner’s concurrence to provide a copy of their certificate of financial responsibility and to obtain their undertaking to handle clean-up and any future claims.

A letter was subsequently sent from the Administrator to the owner on November 17, 2015, outlining the Fund requirements. On December 2, 2015, the owner responded and agreed to the request from the Fund. A copy of the certificate of financial responsibility was provided as well as assurance that the company would deal with both the clean-up and any future claims.

The Administrator’s file remains open.